Employee information:

Name: Jan Berend Stuut
Department: Ocean Systems Sciences (OCS)
Email: Jan-Berend.Stuut(at)nioz.nl
Telephone: +31 (0)222 369 405
Current project(s): DustTraffic


Samples from Australia; the colours are an indication of their compositionLatest news

 One of the dust-collection buoys in action at sea

Research Interests

Aeolian dust is the main research topic I have been working on since my PhD;

My approach is a sedimentological one: the wind is a very selective transport mechanism that has a strong impact on the material it carries from source to sink, and on its particle-size distributions: coarse particles won't be picked up & fine particles will be kept in suspension

Therefore, wind-blown deposits have a very-well sorted size distribution that decreases from proximal (close to the source) to distal (far away from the source).

If we can recognize and quantify wind-blown particles in deep-sea sediments (and obviously we claim that we can) they can tell us something about the environmental conditions in the source area at the time of deposition.

Also, the deposited dust may have all kinds of consequences for the marine environment, like e.g., the fertilization hypothesis: can mineral dust change global climate?

In addition I try to find support for the inferences made on the physical properties using (bio)geochemical and mineralogical proxies.

This approach resulted in a number of papers that you'll find listed below.

For more information please visit my website at www.stuut.tv

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Curriculum Vitae


Senior scientist at NIOZ (75%) and at MARUM (25%)


Research scientist (tenure track) at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Den Burg, the Netherlands. Affiliated with MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany; through a part-time contract


Post-doctoral researcher at the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany. NEBROC; Netherlands Bremen Oceanography bilateral collaboration project;


Post-doctoral researcher at the Research Center Ocean Margins (RCOM), Bremen, Germany; Sedimentation processes on the Chilean continental margin


Lab assistant in the Sedimentology lab of Martin Konert at the VU, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


PhD project: Late Quaternary Southwestern African terrestrial-climate signals in the marine record of Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic Ocean
at both Utrecht University (50%) and NIOZ (50%)

Jan-August 1994

Erasmus internship in the Laboratory for Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography of Prof. G. Ferentinos, Patras, Greece; Slope stability on the Aegean continental slope between Pelopponnesos and Crete


Undergraduate studies: Geology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Major topic: Marine Geology / Sedimentology with research projects on grain-size analyses of deep-marine sediments from the Indian- and South-Atlantic Oceans to reconstruct the environmental history of the sources of dust for those ocean basins;

Minor topics: Hydrogeology, VU, Amsterdam                                           Seismology, Utrecht University

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 Happy fieldwork

Peer-reviewed publications

Below you'll find an automatically generated list per year from 2011 on, for my papers published before 2011, please refer to my Google Scholar ID , ResearchGate ID , ResearcherID


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